Speaker topics

Speaker topics

by Claudia Gere


5 Easiest Ways to Write Your Book

One of the best ways to set yourself apart in your field is by becoming an author. Yet the idea of writing a book can be daunting. Claudia Gere will present five different ways, the easiest, to write a book—giving you options, a more creative perspective, and incentive to start yours. You’ll also discover how your choices relate to your publishing options.


Create an Online Presence with Authority

One of the best ways to connect with your prospects is by sharing your expertise. Whether writing a blog, press release, or article, creating that online presence can be a hurdle for many who like the idea but lack the time or writing skills. Claudia will help make it easier to create written content that demonstrates your expertise, establishes you as an authority, and creates trust. She’ll give you templates, formulas, and other how-to’s for generating attention-grabbing information give-aways.


Create Your Path to Publishing Success

Many people have amazing expertise developed through their business and life experiences who want to use that knowledge to build their credibility, visibility, and their businesses. Claudia will talk about her experiences working with a variety of authors she has helped, their different approaches, and the essential steps every author can apply to ensure a clear path for writing and publishing success.


Turn Your Blog into a Book

One of the most exciting new ways to become an author is by turning your blog into a book. Some blog-based authors are now famous, making killer advances from publishers who are turning their books into movies. If you’re not blogging yet, find out ways to structure your blog to make creating posts and the transition from blog to book easier. If you have a blog, hear about what it takes to turn a blog into a book and your publishing options.


Book Publishing in the Digital Age

The publishing landscape is in a rapid state of evolution, a revolution according to some. Hear the latest advice on how to weigh your publishing options and which ones make the most sense for you. In addition to the pros and cons, you’ll hear about the resources you need and the steps involved for each of the three strategies: traditional, self-, and ebook publishing. Explore how you can join the publishing revolution.


Create Captivating Titles

A book title must attract immediate attention, be memorable, and descriptive…learn what else a title must do to sell more books. Learn how to create must-read titles for books, articles, and other information products. Learn common mistakes to avoid and easy formulas for creating titles.


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