by Claudia Gere

There are many ways to write a nonfiction book. Learn which way will work best for you. There are many different kinds of books to write, be sure you write one that supports your goals. Get help selecting the right publishing venue, pitching your book to agents and publishers.

Do you want to write a book but have a dozen reasons why you don’t? Maybe collaborating with someone who can help you organize your thoughts, speeches, or articles into a book is the answer. Maybe you have the book inside your head and just need someone to pull it out of you. Maybe you have a Rolodex full of interesting clients you can interview to provide the content for your book. And there are a many other ways to create a content rich book. No matter how we collaborate, you are the author and own all rights.

Consultation (15 minutes FREE)

Find out whether your book idea supports all of your goals.Explore the options for writing and publishing a book.Determine what support will help you succeed.

Consulting $200 per hour

Create a Winning Book Concept

Translating your expertise into a book that will sell and meet your business goals can be a challenge, especially in a competitive market. Let us help you write a book that meets your goals and targets your audience in a way that is unique and compelling.

Write Your Book

There are so many different ways to write a book, and yet, most author consultants try to get you to write a book their way. We look at how you learn, how you manage projects, and your operating preferences  to develop a path that fits your style. Claudia Gere & Co.  provides three levels of support tailoring the services to meet your needs.

Author Consulting: someone to cheer you on, fill you in on the differences between writing and writing a professionally publishable book. (More…)

Intelligent Transcription: for speakers, consultants, trainers, and anyone who finds it’s easier to speak than write, this model will give you the support for pulling the content out of you and preparing it for your final editing touches.(More…)

Ghostwriting…but we like to think of it as Vision Connecting: Your voice, your content, our polishing. You will feel as though you written the book, but at a fraction of the time and effort. (More…)

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