Author Consultant/Coach

Author Consultant/Coach

by Claudia Gere

For some aspiring authors, a brief author consulting strategy session helps to align your book idea with your goals, confirm or reset direction to assure you that you’re writing the right book.

For others, along with the guidance that ensures you pull out your best content, stories, and lessons, ongoing coaching helps to keep you on track, motivate, and inspire.  Perhaps the most compelling reason to hire an author coach is the ongoing strategic support, so the book you write becomes your go-to marketing tool, the structure and layout put your skills in their best light.

Most author consultants have only one way that they know for writing books, theirs. Claudia Gere has worked with many different authors, many different ways, and has studied the different ways that are easiest for the different learning, behavioral, and communication styles. She specializes in finding the easiest way for you to write yours.

In addition, your book will receive professional editing, writing instruction and feedback along the way.

Claudia Gere & Co. provides you with up to two hours of consulting each week to guide you through identifying your book goals, defining and outlining the book to meet those goals, and writing your book. All conversations are transcribed and provided to the author. All work completed by the author is professionally edited resulting in a publication-ready book.

Strategic consulting, writing guidance, and editing.