Aspiring Authors Program™

When Will You Be Ready to Write Your Book?

Aspiring Authors Program™

When Will You Be Ready to Write Your Book?

by Claudia Gere

The Smart Answer Is NOW!

Inspiration, Know-How, and Confidence to Write Your Book

Would having a book help you attract more business, even a better class of business? You bet it would!

How frustrating is it to know a book can have such a tremendous effect on your business, and still, never get it done?

3 Reasons Why the Aspiring Authors Program™ Will Help You Do It!

1. Explore Many Different Ways to Write.

Most programs on book writing have one method, their way the way they wrote their books. There’s a good chance their way will just frustrate you.

And don’t be fooled by those fast, no-sweat methods: Write a book in a weekend. Really? You need a book that passes the quality test, showcasing you as the authority.

There’s no one best way that works for everyone. That’s why the Aspiring Authors Program™, 6-Session Live Training shows you many different ways, so you choose the best way, the easiest, for you to create yours.

The 6 Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls will motivate you, check in on your progress, and give you answers to your most pesky problems.

2. Process Plus Implementation.

This Aspiring Authors Program™ simplifies what you need know to write your book, your way.

This process has been honed over the past 20-plus years of helping many different experts become successful authors.

These steps will give you such clarity that you’ll have no excuse except to write your book.

The 250-page Program Guide and Resource Manual guides you through homework to put into practice everything you learn.

As a leading consultant in business book authorship with a track record of success, I know you can write a great book!

3. Plan for Success.

Write a book that is compelling and of interest to your target market. You’ll create a business plan that clearly aligns your goals with the book you write.

As part of that plan you’ll learn the best marketing ideas for you. You’ll know before you write it, how and where you will sell your book.

Think it’s impossible for first-time authors to get a traditional publisher? If that is your goal, then this program will show you how.

If your goal is to finish and publish your book as economically and quickly as possible, then you will be armed with the resources you will need for self-publishing print, ebooks, and audiobooks.

A Book You’ll Be Proud Of

Imagine handing your book to your prospects to showcase your expertise, to get more speaking engagements, or to sell as a product that reinforces your training.

How much more confident would you feel? How will you be compared to your competitors and viewed differently (hint: as the authority)?

You can do it! All you need is the incentive, the knowledge, and a clear vision that will make it easier, doable. And you get all of that in these 6 weeks of the info-packed Aspiring Authors Program™.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your book happen and change your status from wanna be to professionally published author.


What You’ll Learn in the Aspiring Authors Program™ Live Training

Here is how the Aspiring Authors Program™ live (and recorded) Zoom sessions prepare you for writing, publishing, and marketing your book.

Week 1: Write the right book for you and test your idea for success.

Develop clear goals for your book, so you avoid writing the wrong book.
Choose and test the best topic for your book to achieve your goals.
Create a business plan for your book so your path to success is clear.
Test your market.
Go from Aspiring Author to the mindset of a Successful Author.

Week 2: Know what makes a book professional.

Learn the essential elements of a book and the important roles they play.
Use these elements as tools for marketing your book and promoting you as the authority you are as you prospect new clients.
Learn what differentiates professional books from the amateurs’.

Week 3: Find the best model for your book.

Explore your voice and style.
Explore the many different kinds of nonfiction books.
Explore the different types of books you can write (there are so many to choose from).
Create a model and template that supports your goals.

Week 4: Find the easiest way to write your book.

Plan for delivering your content.
Find out why an outline might not work for your book and what will.
Find your best writing strategy: where time, place, and opportunity intersect.
Create your writing plan and goal sheet.

Week 5: Publish your book the right way(s) for you.

Avoid trouble: copyrights, permissions, citing sources, and libel.
Learn about self-editing and some of the most common writing mistakes.
Hear what you need to know about editors and hiring the right one.
Understand the pros and cons and essential steps of traditional, self-, audio, and ebook publishing.
Learn the insider secrets to writing a book proposal that sells your book to an agent and publisher.
Learn about literary agents and locating the right agent to represent your book.
Get the low-down on establishing your platform to assure publishers you can sell your book.
Learn your best shot at getting a traditional publisher.
Establish your own self-publishing company.
Avoid the biggest self-publishing mistakes.
Protect your rights and other registrations you’ll need.

Week 6: Develop your marketing strategy.

Create your bestseller book title.
Use a cover design and layout formula that markets your book.
Use your book as a business prospecting tool before you publish.
Use emails in the Manual to get back cover testimonials.
Use strategies for bumping your book’s popularity on Amazon.
Learn the preferred marketing strategies used by over 280 published authors.
Learn the preferred marketing strategies used by successful authors.
Choose the best marketing strategies for your book’s sales goals.
Create your personalized book launch and marketing plan.

6 Group Coaching Sessions

Each week you’ll also have the opportunity for group coaching to support your progress and provide you with answers to your most pressing questions. This extended Q&A will provide additional insights and give you a chance to ask the questions you need answered to help you along the way.

Is This Program for You?

The Aspiring Authors Program™ is especially designed for authors who want to write a nonfiction book to increase their visibility, credibility, and build their business.

If you’re looking for a reason to procrastinate again, this program is NOT for you. Aspiring Authors Program™ is for aspiring authors who are serious about writing a book that showcases their area of expertise.

First-time authors will find the choices for strategies they need to write their first book.

Established authors will find the program helpful for jump-starting their next project, and perhaps, finding an easier way to write their next book.

Even if you’re not ready to start writing your book immediately, this program will give you the questions to ask and the resources for planning your future book, making writing easier and more professional when you are ready.

When and Where?

You can attend the Aspiring Authors Program™ via Zoom, using any Internet connected device or listening by phone.

Ample time for question-and-answer interaction and class feedback gives you answers to your most pressing questions.

A recording for each session will be available within 48 hours to catch up if you miss a week as well as giving you the opportunity for review at a later date.

Video tutorials that lead you step by step through suggested strategies discussed during the webinar will cut your learning curve to zero.

The 250-page Aspiring Authors Program™ Manual gives you homework assignments that guide you through the choices we discuss so you can immediately implement what you learn as we go. The Manual also includes all of the resources referenced during the webinar sessions: templates, contracts, letters, checklists, website resources, and more.

Why I can Help

Hi, I’m Claudia Gere, and I envision a world where everyone can write a great book that shares their experience and knowledge to improve others’ lives.

Having helped over a hundred authors write and publish their books, what I’ve discovered is there are as many different ways to write books as there are authors. As an author coach, ghostwriter, literary agent, and publisher, I’m committed to helping consultants, speakers, coaches, and other experts like you find their best way.

I’ve been in the publishing industry serving in many different roles helping people write and publish books for many more years than I care to admit. Let me share my insider insights and lead you through a process of inquiry and discovery that will motivate you to start and finish your book with the confidence of knowing it will serve your purposes well.

Read more about Claudia Gere.

Your Investment

$1997 inclusive.

What You Get

Aspiring Authors Program™ live online sessions: 6 weeks of intense content-driven info that will make you smart about writing your book.

Group Coaching live weekly calls will help you stay on track and answer your most pressing problems.

Aspiring Authors Program™ Manual, 250 pages of information, templates, contracts, cover letters, checklists, and more.

Video Recordings of the 6 live online sessions for you to catch up if you miss a session. Yours to keep for later review and consultation.

Video tutorials for  searching for literary agents, competitive analysis, and others that lead you through  implementing your strategies. Cut your learning curve to zero.

Name Your Book: 94 Nonfiction Title Tips ebook. Creating a title that captures attention and attracts your ideal buyer can be one of the most challenging aspects of writing your book.

Get Unstuck. One, half-hour “get you unstuck” consulting session with Claudia Gere. Whether you’ve hit a brick wall or worry that you’re on the right track, you can get the feedback and input you need to feel confident in your direction forward.

What People Are Saying

The way that Claudia laid out the process made it easy for us to take it step by step, given that we had never written a book before. Then to get that finished product and see its impact on others has been so satisfying. This would not have happened without her. —Alesia Latson, Leadership Development Expert; Author, More Time for You: A Powerful System to Organize Your Work and Get Things Done

I took this program and have never taken a more practical course for people who want to write for something besides FREE. Claudia is incredibly knowledgeable and can save you days and months of time otherwise wasted on barking up the wrong tree. —Claire Spencer, MBA candidate, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts

Claudia Gere offers an accessible, comprehensive book writing program that can take any author from 5 to 65 mph in six short weeks. Her midwifery talents were instrumental in bringing my first book to life! —Karen Ribeiro, Life Coach,, and Author, Thirsty: Journaling to Survive, Thrive, and Feel Alive

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