Intelligent Transcription™

Intelligent Transcription™

by Claudia Gere

When you need guidance, motivation, and expert assistance consider Claudia Gere’s Intelligent Transcription™ approach to writing your book. You have the content expertise,writing skills, but need someone to help you with the nuts and bolts of book writing.

Claudia Gere & Co. provides you with up to two hours of consulting each week to guide you through identifying your book goals, defining and outlining the book to meet those goals, establishing an author voice. These are the essential steps to ensure you write the right book.

Many authors don’t know what they know, don’t value what they know, and assume others already have the same information. These are some of the same challenges faced by those who can benefit from having an author consultant and writing coach. Taking it one step further, with the Intelligent Transcription™ model you will participate in interviews where information and your expertise are pulled out of your head and onto the page.

Each conversation is recorded. The transcripts are intelligently edited turning conversations into core content to streamline your writing, with additional help to and help structuring your book. it will take additional work to refine, edit, and craft the writing. But the heavy lifting is done for you. All work produced by the author is professionally reviewed and edited resulting in a publication-ready book. Intelligent Transcription™ services include: Strategic consulting, writing guidance, interviewing, transcription, and professional editing.