Webinar: Rock Your Book!

Webinar: Rock Your Book!

by Claudia Gere


Inspiration, Know-How, and Confidence to Write Your Book

Would having a book help you attract more business, even a better class of business? You bet it would! How frustrating is it to know a book can have such a tremendous effect on your business, and still, never get it done?


  1. Explore Many Different Ways to Write. You’ll find that most of the webinars on book writing have one method they prescribe. Don’t be fooled by these fast, no-sweat methods. There’s no one best way that works for everyone. That’s why Rock Your Business with a Book shows you many different ways to create a book, easier ways and some that don’t require writing, to help you choose the best way for you to create yours.
  2. Process Plus Implementation. This class arms you with the step-by-step help you need, based on the same process I have honed over the past eight years to help my individual coaching clients become successful authors and write the book that propels their business to the next level. A resource guide and workbook helps you put into practice everything you learn immediately. As a leading consultant in business book authorship with a proven process, I know you can write a great book!
  3. Plan for Success. Too many times authors think they’ve written a best seller only to discover how hard it is to sell their book. That’s why you’ll create a business plan that clearly aligns your goals with the book you write, and a marketing plan, so you know before you write it, how and where you will sell your book.

Imagine handing your book to your prospects to showcase your expertise, to get more speaking engagements, or to sell as a product that reinforces your training. How much more confident would you feel? How will you be compared to your competitors and viewed differently (hint: as the authority)?

You can do it! All you need is the incentive, the knowledge, and a clear vision that will make it easier, doable. And you get all of that in these four weeks of Rock Your Business with a Book.

This webinar is only offered a few times each year and space is limited. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your book happen and change your status from wanna be to professionally published author.


In this four-week webinar you will learn how to:

Week 1: Write the right book for you and test your idea for success.

 Develop clear goals for your book, so you avoid writing the wrong book.
 Write a business plan for your book to create a clear path for success.
 Test your market.

Week 2: Create a model so your book is professionally publishable.

 Learn the essential elements of a book and important roles they play.
 Explore the many different kinds of nonfiction books and develop a template for yours.
 Discover what makes a bestselling book title.
 Hear what you need to know about editors and hiring the right one.

Week 3: Find the best and easiest way to write your book.

 Explore your voice, style, and the different types of books you can write.
 Explore different ways to write a book and which will be easiest for you.
 Find your best strategy to make the time to write.
 Hear what you need know about copyrights and permissions.

Week 4: Learn your publishing options and how to market your book.

 Understand the pros and cons and essential steps of traditional, self-, and ebook publishing.
 Discover the formula for successful cover design and layout.
 Hear the essentials for successful marketing and developing a personal plan for your book.


This course is especially designed for first-time authors who want to write a nonfiction book to increase their visibility, credibility, and build their business. Established authors will find it helpful for jump starting their next project, and perhaps, finding an easier way to write their next book.


In four, one-hour weekly sessions, this webinar enables you to learn in the comfort of your home or office. Using your computer connection you will be able to view the slides and video, while listening on your computer or phone. There will be ample time for question and answer and some class interaction. A recording for each session will be available within 48 hours to catch up if you miss a week as well as giving you the opportunity for review at a later date. You will receive a resource guide and workbook to help guide you through the choices we discuss so you can immediately implement what you learn as we go. The Guide also includes all of the resources referenced during the webinar sessions.


Hi, I’m Claudia Gere, and I envision a world where everyone can write a great book that shares their experience and knowledge to improve others’ lives. There are so many different ways to write a great book, and as an author consultant, speaker, literary agent, and author, I’m committed to helping business leaders, consultants, and other entrepreneurs like you find their best way.
I’ve been in the publishing industry serving in many different roles helping people write and publish books for over 25 years. Let me share my insider insights and lead you through a process of inquiry and discovery that will motivate you to start or finish your book with the confidence of knowing it will serve your purposes well.
Read more about Claudia Gere.

Your Investment: $399 inclusive for all four, one-hour Rock Your Business with a Book webinar sessions. Sign up now and receive these three premium bonuses.


Bonus 1: Free copy of Name Your Book: 94 Nonfiction Title Tips. Creating a title that captures attention and attracts your ideal buyer can be one of the most challenging aspects of writing your book.
Bonus 2: Resource book with over 100 pages to guide you through the choices and decisions you will make, templates, checklists, as well as all of the resources referenced during the webinar sessions.
Bonus 3: Recording for each session available shortly following each session if you miss one or want to review at a later date.


The way that Claudia laid out the process made it easy for us to take it step by step, given that we had never written a book before. Then to get that finished product and see its impact on others has been so satisfying. This would not have happened without her.
—Alesia Latson, Leadership Development Expert; Author, More Time for You: A Powerful System to Organize Your Work and Get Things Done

I took this course and have never taken a more practical course for people who want to write for something besides FREE. Claudia is incredibly knowledgeable and can save you days and months of time otherwise wasted on barking up the wrong tree. —Claire Spencer, MBA candidate, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts

Claudia Gere offers an accessible, comprehensive book writing webinar that can take any author from 5 to 65 mph in four short weeks. Her midwifery talents were instrumental in bringing my first book to life! —Karen Ribeiro, Life Coach, InnerFortune.com, and Author, Thirsty: Journaling to Survive, Thrive, and Feel Alive

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