Self-Publishing Help

Self-Publishing Help

by Claudia Gere

Get the help you need to select the right self-publishing and print-on-demand services for your book.

There are four significant differences between traditional and self-publishing:

1. No one pays for producing your self-published book. You have to do it yourself or pay for editing, designing, printing, and publishing.

2. No one markets your self-published book for you. You have to let the marketplace know your book exists or hire a publicist to help. You will most likely need to do that if you have a traditional publisher as well.

3. No one takes or fills orders for your self-published book. You have to handle transactions and delivery yourself or work with a printer, small press, or publisher who provides the services.

4. Yes, it’s possible, however, to make greater profits on each copy sold if you know how to market yourself to sell books.

There are many different ways to self-publish from on-demand publishers to creating your own publishing company. Let Claudia Gere & Co. help you select the printing or publishing venue that gives you the best options and price for meeting your publishing goals.

Sell Your Book

Once you’ve written your book, the real work begins: marketing and promotion to let people know what it’s about, why they want it, and where to find it. Let Claudia Gere & Co. create a plan and the other tools you need to succeed.

• Marketing plan

• Press release

• Media kit

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